Welcome to the Danville Conservation Club

DCC June 2020 Update

With the easing of the virus restrictions in Indiana the club is happy to announce we will be able to hold a few events at the club in June. We will still be following Social Distancing protocols at these events but at least we can get out and start to get back to business as usual.  For June we will hold the following.

June 10–  We will hold a short meeting starting at 6:30p to accept New Memberships. This WILL NOT be a regular business meeting.  This meeting is primarily to accept New Memberships.  We will process the new memberships and then hold a Range Safety Orientation.  In order to maintain Social Distancing we request that only those applying for membership attend.

If any current members have have any business they need to bring before the club you may email the Club Secretary at info@dccsafety.com and the Secretary will present it to the Officers and Board.

June 13-  We will hold our regular Bench Rest Match.  Registration starts at 9am and the Match begins at 10am.  Information for the match can be found at dccsafety.com.

June 20-  We will hold our first DCC Summer Challenge Match.  Registration starts at 9am and the Match begins at 10am.  We will get more information posted for this match on the club website hopefully by the first week of June.

Note:  We will be observing Social Distancing at both matches.  If you want or need PPE then we request you bring your own mask or hand sanitizer.  We will do our best to keep participants spread out and ask for everyone’s cooperation.

Finally, until further notice, we will not be accepting any rentals for the Club House.

Any questions please contact us at info@dccsafety.com.