Typically Range Safety Orientation (RSO) is only required every three years. However, it has been made to be required for all new and current members for the 2021 year. If you have already attended the RSO in person at the club for 2021, you don’t need to take this orientation.

Watch the RSO video below and take the quiz over the material. The quiz is 5 true/false questions. A 100% grade is required to pass the quiz and receive your 2021 range card. You are allowed to take the quiz as many times as needed to pass it.


Range Safety Orientation Quiz

This quiz is 5 true or false questions on the Range Safety Orientation.  A 100% grade is required to pass.  You can take the quiz as many times as it takes to pass.

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Before the shooting range can go to a “Cold Condition” all firearms must be unloaded with actions open and magazines removed.

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If the flashing lights are “On” at the range this means the range is in a “Cold Condition” and you should not handle any firearm in the rifle racks or at the benches.

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During a “Hot Range Condition” no person can move forward past the firing line.

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Muzzles of loaded firearms must be pointed downrange toward a berm or trap.

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If you can’t confirm your fired shots are hitting your target or the berm it is OK to keep shooting because something downrange will stop the bullet.

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